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Seven Deadly Sins

Composer: Dan Walker
Commissioned by:
 Leichhardt Espresso Chorus
Sponsor: The family of James Lyle Rae
Premiere: The 2008 Deadly Confessions concert on 05-Apr-2008 
Movements: 7

This suite was commissioned for the Deadly Confessions concert in April 2008. In celebrating the choir's tenth birthday, the program was designed to juxtapose Mozart's fabulous Vesperae Solennes de Confessore with some intensely evocative contemporary twists on the "original" seven deadly sins. Interspersing Mozart with modern music using text from Dilbert, Sappho, Dante and Marlowe might seem radical, but rather than diluting the intensity of the Mozart, this approach re-invigorates it.
     1. Luxuria (Lust)        Text: Song of Solomon 8:6
     2. Avarita (Greed)     Text:
     3. Acedia (Sloth)       Text: Keats Ode to Indolence
 4. Ira (Wrath)           Text: Dante's Inferno
     5. Invidia (Envy)       Text: Sappho, English translation by Mary Barnard
     6. Gula (Gluttony)     Text: from a French recipe adapted by Amandine Petit
 7. Superbia (Pride)   Text: Christopher Marlowe,
Dr Faustus. Latin text: De profundis, clamavi ad te Domine