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Such Country

Composer: Luke Byrne
Commissioned by:
 Leichhardt Espresso Chorus
Premiere: The 2010 Beyond Bach concert on 27-Mar-2010 
Movements: 5

This work relates to the interaction between the Australian landscape and the early European explorers. The unforgiving landscape has been shaped by eons of drought, heat, fire and flood. The explorers approached it with foreign eyes and foreign thinking. They were driven by boundless optimism, by their Christian spiritualism and by the naivety of their imported culture. They exhibited determination and bravery in the face of the fierce extremes of the landscape and its climate, but some were broken by their efforts.

Ludwig Leichhardt was one of the most optimistic, naive and brave. He disappeared in the outback and his remains have never been found. He is commemorated in the Sydney suburb and Municipality that are home to the Leichhardt Espresso Chorus.
1. El Nino
2. Ludwig Leichhardt
3. La Nina
4. The Inland Sea
5. The Wanderers' Return