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Breath of Kindness

Composer: Sally Whitwell
Commissioned by:
 The Gentle Exercise Morning Tea Group
Premiere: The 2012 Eternity and Grace concert on 23-Jun-2012 
Movements: 3

Some seventeen years ago, a group of women from the inner-west met together in a Gentle Exercise Group  set up by Judy Laws with the aim of improving women's health and fitness and building community. Every Saturday we would do an hour of exercise and then go and have coffee together. Over the years we got to know each other very well and became strong friends. When the Gentle Exercise class ceased operating we still continued to meet each month for morning tea and have been doing so now for nine years. Even more miraculously, most of us still do some form of exercise!

The group is an enormous source of friendship and support, enriching our lives in so many ways. We have shared each other's joys and sorrows and supported each other in sickness and in health. We have shared our skills and learnt from each other.

In 2011 we decided to commission this work to celebrate women's love and friendship, resilience and strength. We were very pleased to have Sally Whitwell, a wonderful young musician, accept the commission to compose a work for the Leichhardt Espresso Chorus to perform. The commission is supported by the Gentle Exercise Morning Tea Group and our friends and families. Members of the group workshopped ideas for the piece with Sally and contributed texts, both our own and from favourite poets, that expressed the ideas that we wanted to convey.

Sadly, since the start of this process, one of our members has died... the first huge loss for us.

The group has given us so much and in turn we hope that this work will enrich and strengthen our community and culture.

In loving memory of Ali Blogg.

Margo Moore
on behalf of the Gentle Exercise Morning Tea Group, friends and family 

1. Breath of Kindness (text: George Eliot [Mary Ann Evans], May Sarton and Maya Angelou)
2. Twisting Up (text: Marie Tulip)
3. Some Future Time (text: Sappho and Dorothy McRae-McMahon) 

Click here to hear LEC performing Twisting Up, the second movement of this suite.