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2011 Sonnets and Sax

Italian Cultural Centre, Leichhardt
Saturday 25 June 2011 and Sunday 26 June 2011

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Over a packed weekend, these two concerts featured sensual choral music with a Persian lilt, inspired by poet Khalil Gibran and written especially for this concert by Dan Walker. LEC was supported by pianists Luke Byrne and Jem Harding and saxophone quartet Continuum Sax.

LEC's Artistic Director, Michelle Leonard, built this program around works by four Australian composers, Dan Walker, David Basden, Martin Kaye and Matthew Hindson. Two of these works were world premieres: Lines in the Sand by Dan Walker and How Many Miles to Babylon by David Basden. Continuum Sax played Olfieg by Martin Kaye and Video Game Dreaming: Game Boy Music by Matthew Hindson. And there were songs by Rutter, Willan and Bennet.

In putting this stunning concert together, Michelle Leonard worked closely with Dan Walker, who also prepared the choir (with the assistance of accompanist Luke Byrne) and conducted the performances. This was the first time that Dan had conducted LEC in concert.

The audiences benefited from having all three composers provide a brief description of the three world premiere works that were included in the concert. You can read Dan Walker's and David Basden's insights by clicking on the names of their new works above.


LEC performing Spring, part of Dan Walker's Lines in the Sand composition for LEC's Sonnets and Sax concert in 2011.

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Here is some of the audience feedback:

Loved the sound of Continuum Sax as well as the voices

My friends in the audience just loved it and were asking whether they could buy a recording, they also loved Davids piece, and of course the fabulous Continuum Sax ... this weekend was truly a thrilling experience.

Wonderful concert. Dynamic combination of sax & voices and Dan's Khalil Gibran pieces worked beautifully. Congratulations to each & every one of you!

Congratulations everyone. What a fabulous performance. ... it was so wonderful to be in the audience and get to experience the wonderful LEC sound and passion. You came across as really being involved and committed to the music, your faces said it all! The combination of the chorus with the saxes was thrilling and the whole programme overall was stunning. It was too short!!

I was totally blown away with the quality of sound and the wonderful new music that you were singing.

LEC pictured with conductor Dan Walker, accompanist Luke Byrne and saxophone quartet, Continuum Sax (Christina Leonard, Nicholas Russoniello, Martin Kaye and James Nightingale), at the Sonnets & Sax concert on 25 June 2011.

Artistic Director: Michelle Leonard

Conductor: Dan Walker 
Piano: Luke Byrne
Saxophone Orchestra: Continuum Sax

See more pictures from this concert in the gallery below.

Tenors and bassesSpringSummer
Dan Walker conducting