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1999 - our 2nd year

Caffeine-fuelled growth

Our second year was devoted to consolidating the beginning made in 1998. Most of the 1998 singers returned and were supplemented by a further large influx of singers. These new singers had to learn the existing repertoire so that the choir could build. And so, Artistic Director Michelle Leonard decided to set our sights on recording these songs to a CD.


LEC pictured at a rehearsal in 2000

Our first CD

"Take a Coffee with ..." was recorded on 27 June 1999 in the SBS radio studio at Crows Nest. None of the singers had been in a recording studio before, so it was a steep learning curve for all. And what a squeeze it was, getting nearly 60 singers into such a small studio! 

Eddie Crook (one of our basses) provided some quirky cartoons for the CD cover artwork and we adopted his cartoon coffee pot at the choir's new logo.

December concert

The choir, now numbering more than 50, next staged a CD Launch concert on 5 December at Leichhardt High School. Naturally, we sang the repertoire from the CD. As with the December concert in our first year, this concert also featured Decadence.

Click below to hear Shenandoah recorded at the CD launch concert on 5 December 1999:

Behind the scenes

During 1999 the choir established a committee to provide much-needed administrative support to Michelle Leonard as Artistic Director. Elizabeth Mulrennan, who had initiated the choir in 1998, became our first President, ably supported by Nikki Brown (Secretary), Karen Myers (Librarian) and Chris Hutch (Membership). This team was to form the core of LEC administration for the next few years.

President: Elizabeth Mulrennan
Vice President and Artistic Direcor: Michelle Leonard
Secretary: Nikki Brown
Librarian: Karen Myers
Membership: Chris Hutch


1999 newbies who became LEC stalwarts are: Susie Schenker, Kate Wade, Graham Williams, Jane Wallace, Rosemary Keane and Ross MacLeod, 

New Singers

The following singers joined LEC for the first time this year: Alison Beamish, Tim Bell, Florence Bobin, Diana Brandt, Diana Brown, Juliet Cobb, Sally Cooper, Patrick Dickson, Linda Fraser, Jane Ivers, Sue Kazaglis, Deborah Keane, Rosemary Keane, Jenny Kearns, John Kramer, Ross MacLeod, Alexandra Mandel, Kate McCarthey, Jane Messer, Colleen Pettiford, Cheryl Russell, Susie Schenker, Dee Schouten, Stephanie Searle, Kate Wade, Jane Wallace, Linden White, Bronwen Williams, Graham Williams, Glenn Williamson, Jenifer Williamson.

LEC pictured (with coffee mugs!) at a rehearsal in 2000 
Rear: x, Alex Mandel, x, Graham Williams, Colin Williams, Richard Beamish, Eddy Crook, Ross MacLeod, Kate Allnutt, Jane Stevens-Hall

Row 2: Stephanie Searle, Dee Schouten, Paul Schillerpoort, x, Douglas Hansel, Colleen Pettiford, Rosemary Keane, Suzanne Donnelly

Row 3: Susie Schenker, x, Renee Reynolds, Vincent King, Bene Van Der Velden, Mark Breen, Jim Fleming, Shae Fleming, Joy Pardey, Kath Allen, Karen Myers

Row 4: Jane Messer, Ruth Heazelwood, Greg Smith, Rodney Hammett, Cliff Musson, Tom Williams

Front row: Jane Wallace, x, Chris Wilson, Christ Hutch, x, Michelle Leonard