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2000 - our 3rd year

At the Opera House!

In our third year, LEC sang at the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Town Hall! This wonderful opportunity was provided by the Australian International Music Festival in which we participated along with a number of other choirs from Australia and overseas.

As part of the festival, all choirs performed at the Opera House on 26 June 2000, when this photograph was taken.


LEC pictured after performing at the Sydney Opera House on 26 June 2000

Three days later, on 29 June, LEC formed part of a massed Festival Choir that performed David Fanshaw's African Sanctus at the Sydney Town Hall. This was the first time that LEC had performed one of the large iconic choral works. And on 30 June LEC performed at the Music Festival event staged at Angel Place.

Annual Christmas Concert

In the lead up to Christmas, the choir performed at St Columba's School Fete on 4 November 2000. Then, on 26 November, we presented an Annual Christmas Concert, with special guests Stairway to Heaven at Leichhardt Town Hall. For the first time ever, there was a small charge for tickets at the door.

Behind the scenes

The size of the committee was expanded in 2000 and several new faces joined the established leaders. Among these new faces were Colleen Pettiford and Malcolm James who were both to make significant contributions over the next few years.

Early in 2000, Jim Fleming built on some earlier work done by Mark Breen to develop and publish LEC's first website.

President: Elizabeth Mulrennan
Vice President and Artistic Director: Michelle Leonard
Secretary: Nikki Brown
Treasurer: Malcolm James
Librarian: Jane Wallace
Committee: Karen Myers, Colleen Pettiford, Kate Allnutt, Renee Reynolds, Florence Bobin
Website: Jim Fleming

New Singers

Only five new singers joined LEC this year, but all went on to sing for a number of years. And all were men! Mark Breen, Paul Schilperoort, Bené Van der Velden, Colin Williams and Tom Williams.

LEC pictured after performing at the Sydney Opera House on 26 June 2000

Back: Douglas Hansel, Paul Schillerpoort, Tom Williams, x, Dee Schouten, Richard Beamish, Bene Van Der Velden, Greg Smith, Eddie Crook, Jim Fleming, Colin Williams, Mark Breen, Graham Williams

Centre: Alex Mandel, Michelle Leonard, Stephanie Searle, x, x, x, x, Renee Reynolds, Diane Brown, Joy Pardey, Nikki Brown, Roasemary Keane, Juliet Cobb, Kate Allnutt, Colleen Pettiford, Kath Allen, Rodney Hammett, x, Diana Brandt, Bronwen Williams, Ross MacLeod

Front: Michael Cosby, Chris Wilson, Ruth Heazelwood, Jane Messer, Susie Schenker, Jane Wallace, There Briggs, Shae Fleming, Deborah Keane, Chris Hutch, Karen Myers, Jane Stevens-Hall, Elizabeth Mulrennan