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2004 - our 7th year

Our first Moorambilla tour

For the first few months of 2004 LEC's Artistic Director, Michelle Leonard, was not able to conduct the choir due to family commitments. Instead, conductor Philip Chu both rehearsed the choir and conducted our mid-year concert featuring Faure's Requiem.

This was the first year that LEC's annual program conformed to the pattern that has since become the norm: the program included a major choral work, the Moorambilla choral festival and Carols on Norton.

LEC performing in the Barrel Room at the Poets Corner winery near Mudgee as part of the Moorambilla choral festival on 25 September 2004. The industrial theme of the back projection and the red lighting set the scene for our commissioned work Volo del Palazzo by Joe Accaria in recognition of the Year of the Built Environment.


Our 2004 program commenced with a performance at the Abbotsford Acapella Festival on 14 March. Then on 8 April LEC performed at the Easter Ball for the Australian Jockey Club; our first paying gig! We sang Beethoven's Ode to Joy; Excerpts of songs from Jesus Christ, Superstar and Les Miserables; and Josh Groban's You Raise Me Up.

On 4 July we sang Gabriel Faure's Requiem in St James Church with orchestra and soloists Jane Sheldon (soprano) and Corin Bone (baritone) and conducted by Philip Chu. The program for this concert also featured Dan Walker's Freshwater Suite and Marco Creazzo's Ave Maria, both commissioned by the LEC.

The chorus participated in the Moorambilla choral festival in Abbotsford on 12 September and then took the concert on tour to Gulgong and Mudgee a couple of weeks later. In the intervening week we sang at the Taverner's Hill Primary School fete (18 September). The repertoire for the three Moorambilla concerts was:

Set 1 (with all participating choirs)

Gabagong; Over this Land

Set 2

Sailing in the Boat; Freshwater III; Ride Away; Botany Bay; Dawn; Ride On

Set 3 with all participating choirs

Belambi Nadoo; My Home; Marco Creazzo's Moorambilla Suite; Paper Symphony Joe Giussepe Accaria's Volo del Palazzo Suite.

An enjoyable year ended with Carols on Norton with orchestra and soloists Jane Sheldon, Billie McCarthy, Alison Morgan, Philip Chu, Tom Williams and Cameron Woodhouse. For the first time Carols on Norton was staged in Pioneers Memorial Park (Norton Street Leichhardt).


This year LEC commissioned or co-commissioned three works, as follows.

Premiere    Composer               Name

4 Jul            Marco Creazzo         Ave Maria
12 Sep        Joe Accario               ^ Volo del Palazzo
                    Marco Creazzo         + Ride On (Christy Moore)
                         ^ Co-commissioned withMoorambilla Festival 
                         + Arrangement

Behind the scenes

Michelle Leonard spent a considerable amount of 2004 "behind the scenes" due firstly to family commitments and subsequently to illness. Despite this she managed to continue her role as the choir's Artistic Director and also to conduct performances in the latter half of the year.

The committee produced a new Orientation Leaflet that helped our new recruits to understand the LEC and to settle in as a singer.

LEC published a revamped and more-extensive website on 6 November 2004, using the temporary URL 

LEC's new website in late 2004 

President: Tom Williams
Vice President and Artistic Director: Michelle Leonard
Secretary: Suzanne Blythin
Treasurer: Malcolm James
Librarian: Therese Briggs
Membership: Jim Fleming
Website: Jim Fleming
Committee: Eddie Crook, Kate Allnutt, Luke Robinson, Lliane Clarke, Miriam Poole, Susie Schenker, Shae Fleming


LEC gained six new long-term stalwarts in 2004: Richard Goodman, Kath Green, Bronwyn Neal, Janet Coppin, Helen Watkins and Lindie Ward. 

New Singers

The following singers joined LEC for the first time this year: Niki Bern, Patricia Collius, Janet Coppin, Virginia De Luca, Barbara Dorsch, Simone Dorsch, Joan Enkelmann, Gretchen Ferrier, Catherine Forman, Evelyn Frybort, Richard Goodman, Kath Green, Rosy Guastella, Lynne Hughes, Nalini Joshi, Fran Miller, Bronwyn Neal, Dian Pitson, Richard Spencer, Amanda Wales, Lindie Ward, Helen Watkins, Andrew Yates.