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2005 - our 8th year

More songs for the outback!

LEC produced Carl Orff's Carmina Burana in June. In order to do justice to this complex work, the choir needed to move to a new level, which it did bringing long term advantage to the choir. Later in the year we undertook our second major tour of western NSW.  

LEC opens Carols on Norton in Pioneers Memorial Park on 18 December 2005. (Luke Robinson on frame drum.) 


LEC's first appearance for 2005 was at Leichhardt Festa on 6 March.

Afterwards, LEC started to prepare in earnest Carl Orff's Carmina Burana on 26 June. This was a memorable performance with the singers really leaving their inhibitions at the door and going for it! 

On 11 September, LEC participated in the 2005 Moorambilla choral festival held in the Henry Lawson Community Hall, Abbotsford.

A week later the choir departed Sydney by coach for far north west NSW on our second Outback Tour. The repertoire for the tour was the same as for the Moorambilla concert - an evocative collection of fresh, new, Australian songs.

A productive year ended with Carols on Norton on 18 December.

LEC performs Handel's Hallelujah Chorus at Carols on Norton, 18 December 2005


In 2005 LEC commissioned (or co-commissioned) four songs and five arrangements.

Premiere    Composer               Name

17 Sep       Dan Walker               Coutts Crossing
                Michelle Leonard*       Across the Plains  (*Arranged: Marco Creazzo)
                Michelle Leonard      + Bellambi (Matthew Doyle)
                Michelle Leonard      + Drought/Paint Up (Matthew Doyle)
                Michelle Leonard      + Shall We Dream (Michael Atherton)
                Michelle Leonard &   + Sailing in the boat (Trad.)
                   Marco Creazzo
                Michelle Leonard &   + Din Din Din (Trad.)
                   Marco Creazzo
                Paul Jarman^             Ride the Spirit
23 Sep       Paul Jarman#             Narrabri
                     + Arrangement

                     ^ Co-commissioned with Coonamble Shire Council
                     # Co-commissioned with Narrabri Shire Council

Behind the scenes

LEC was incorporated as an Association and not-for-profit organisation on 22 April 2005.

The committee updated the Orientation Leaflet and produced a document that outlines the choir's policies on membership fees.

A revised website was published at its new URL ( on 6 February. Among several later improvements during the year was the addition of a merchandise sale page.

LEC website in late 2005

President: Tom Williams
Vice President and Artistic Director: Michelle Leonard
Secretary: Margaret Grove
Treasurer: Malcolm James
Membership: Jim Fleming
Website: Jim Fleming
Committee: Kate Allnutt, Lliane Clarke, Miriam Poole, Susie Schenker, Chris Robinson, Greg Wright


LEC gained four new long-term stalwarts in 2005: Jeanne Kinninmont, Sue Lindsay, Nic Beard and Julie Mortensen. 

New Singers

The following singers joined LEC for the first time this year: Nic Beard, Fiona Gillis, Megan Heyward, Jeanne Kinninmont, Sue Lindsay, Annie Livingstone, Julie Mortensen, Marris Rea, Skye Rutherford, Rollo Browne, Cathy Tropiano.