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2008 - our 11th year

Eight major performances - deadly!

LEC set a deadly pace during 2008! By year's end we had performed in five concerts, one TV program, one Acer Arena spectacular, two festivals and one recording; not to mention our normal carolling activities during December. We also auditioned (unsuccessfully) for a TV commercial!


LEC pictured at the Hunter Baillie church in Annandale after singing Handel's Messiah there


The deadly pace was set at the start of the year with our Deadly Confessions concert in April at St James Church in Sydney. Artistic Director, Michelle Leonard, skillfully combined our new commissioned work (Seven Deadly Sins by Dan Walker) with Mozart's Vesperae Solennes de Confessore. The result was an outstanding concert that is now available as part of our double-DVD release Live at St James

Two months later we had a complete change of pace as LEC was supplemented with our choral colleagues from Coonamble to sashay our way through the very first episode of Channel 7's Battle of the Choirs. We got to take part in the show's very first sudden death "sing-off" to decide second place on the night. That we lost to the chamber choir from the University of Newcastle was no disgrace - they went on to win the whole competition!

Three weeks later we sang two performances of Handel's Messiah in the Hunter Baillie Church at Annandale (see picture above). 

In August, LEC formed part of a massed choir that supported Andrea Bocelli at the Acer Arena in Sydney. 

LEC took its new Seven Deadly Sins suite to the Moorambilla Festival in Coonamble in September. We participated in festival commissions Flights of Freedom (Stephen Leek) and Baiame Ngunnhu (Elena Kats-Chernin) and also sang Leek's Uloola.

The choir returned to Annandale's Hunter Baillie Church in November as part of its Spring Festival.

We also went into the studio to record part of Charles Dupois' If we can dream for the One World song project.

As usual, we rounded out our year with Carols on Norton, including providing the entertainment at the Mayoral Reception for community volunteers, singing carols at MarketPlace and carolling in Norton Street Leichhardt and Darling Street Balmain.

Two songs from our 2008 performances can be viewed on YouTube - just click below.

 Ira (Wrath)           By Dan Walker; Text: Dante's Inferno
 Superbia (Pride)   By Dan Walker; Text: Christopher Marlowe, Dr Faustus.


LEC commissioned ten new songs in 2008, comprising three Christmas songs and the seven songs of the Seven Deadly Sins suite. We also participated in the world premiere of Flights of Freedom (Stephen Leek) that was commissioned by Moorambilla Voices.

5 April        Dan Walker         Seven Deadly Sins suite (7 movements)
21 Dec        Billie McCarthy          I Love Christmas
                 Sally Whitwell           Lute Book Lullaby
                 Sally Whitwell           Hodie Christus Natus Est

Behind the scenes

LEC's administration moved into a new gear in 2008, introducing a number of initiatives. For example, the value of committee meetings was improved with the introduction of a new standing agenda that focuses on events and projects, with committee members assigned accordingly. Another innovation was the Artistic Director's decision to move to a four-term performance schedule each year (replacing the previous system where the first two terms were devoted to rehearsals for a mid-year concert).  

LEC finalised an agreement with the Leichhardt Council for its funding support of Carols on Norton for three years, 2008-2010. This important community event was an LEC initiative in 2002 but we could not have made it the great event that it has become without the Council's unfailing support.

LEC launched a brand new website in August 2008. The old website had stood the test of time and was working well, but did not have the look and feel that we wanted. The new website provided some new functionality and a professionally-styled look. Click here to see the website changes in 2008.

We ran another lunchtime sausage sizzle at Ashfield Bunnings in November to raise funds for the choir. The profits from this helped pay for our transport to the Moorambilla Festival in 2009.

The new committee, elected on 13 May 2008 was:
President: Lliane Clarke
Vice President and Artistic Director: Michelle Leonard
Secretary: Miriam Poole
Treasurer: Chris Robinson
Committee: Di Beachamp, Richard Goodman, Alan Redpath, Pepe Newton, Lindie Ward, Jeanne Kinninmont and Sally Hanna-Osborne.

Section Leaders
Sopranos: Margaret Grove and Jeanne Kinninmont
Altos: Miriam Poole and Pepe Newton
Basses: Chris Robinson
Tenors: Tom Williams


2008 was a bumper recruitment year for the LEC. 14 new stalwarts joined LEC during the year: Pepe Newton, Ian Balcomb, Mieke Cohen, Robin Klineberg, Jennifer Matkevich, Lyn Lormer, Kate Weaver, Penny Chapple, Gill Pennington, Nuala Williams, Philip Lormer, Paul Roy, Andrew Sweeney and Chiemy Keniry.

New Singers

The following singers joined LEC for the first time this year: Ian Balcomb, Caroline Blake, Steven Bowden, Anna Bowen-James, Sophie Bowen-James, Polly Brittain, Melanie Bruce, Penny Chapple, Cath Chase, Mieke Cohen, Bec Collett, Sharon Dickson, Kathy Freeman, Aaron Frumar, Josh Frumar, Tim Gray, David Greenaway, Mike Harris, Paul Heath, John Hibbard, Mike James, Neville Jarvis, Gus Johnson, Chiemi Keniry, Robin Klineberg, Damien Kuan, Frederick Kusuma, Jamie Lister, Lyn Lormer, Philip Lormer, Patrick Mahon, Jennifer Matkevich, Jane McCarthy, Janet McCarthy, Michele McNamara, Jo Montgomery, Angela Morosin, Pepe Newton, Daniella Osborne, Gill Pennington, Eric Poulos, Diane Robinson, Paul Roy, Coby Smith, Kerrie Smith, Andrew Sweeney, Helen Taylor, Merrin Thompson, Ruth Thompson, Kate Weaver, Justine Whiting, Nuala Williams, Mark Yates.

Website progression in 2008

Early 2008

Later in 2008

The new-look website introduced in August 2008